About us

Our Purpose

We want to give this upcoming generation, regardless of social standing or ethnic background, a future with B.L.I.C.K.
(This acronym is a German word for “perspective” or “view.”).

B – Beziehung (Relationship)

A personal relationship to God is possible. We don´t only want to share that message, but want to live it through our example.

L – Liebe (Love)

We want to share the same love of Jesus shows us through social engagement, one-on-one conversations, and personal encouragement.

I  – Integration

Children and teens should feel safe and secure in their cultural surroundings. We want assist immigrant families in adapting and adjusting to the society in which they live.

C – Character

Our goal is to assist children and teens in their character development. We believe that the impartation of values and the fostering of their individual gifts and talents are essential to success.

K – Kostbar (Precious)

Everyone is precious!

What We Believe

1.We believe in God: the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ. He is the all-powerful Creator of heaven and earth.

2.We believe that Jesus Christ is God´s son. Through his bodily death and resurrection, both a relationship with God and eternal life are offered to each individual.

3.The Bible, God´s Word, is flawless. It shows us God´s character, His nature, and His plan for mankind.

4.We believe that salvation can be obtained through grace alone. Salvation is a free gift for all who confess their sins and decide to follow Jesus.

5.We believe in the spiritual unity of believers—God´s church. His kingdom is built when believers work together in unity.

6.We believe that each believer has the responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus, fight the cause of the needy, and live a life according to Biblical standards.

7.We believe

that Jesus is coming, again.


The number of volunteers that make Restart outreaches possible.

Our organization is depending on donations. If you would like to financially contribute, please wire donations to:


Volksbank Rhein-Sieg
IBAN: DE26 3706 9520 1303 5660 11
Donating is also possible through PayPal. Please contact us for more information.

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